Client : St Columba's Primary School

St Columba's Primary School

Project : 3 stage new build project
Design : ABM Architects

Premis recently delivered a 3 stage build project at St. Columba's Primary school in Wilston.  

Stage 1 involved putting in place new infrastructure (power, water, sewer, data and security) to prepare for the relocation of staff as all services going into the existing building were marked for demolition then distributed to the rest of the school.

Stage 2 consisted of the demolition of the existing administration building which took place during the 2 weeks of school holidays. When the demolition was complete the construction of the new 2 story administration building commenced. This consisted of a new reception area, staff offices, sick bay, staff room, principal's office, lift, staff toilets, children’s toilets including disabled toilets and 4 new class rooms.

In the 3rd and final stage of the project and once stage 2 was completed, we commenced with the demolition of the old amenities block and the construction of a high level covered area including the landscaping of the whole area.


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