Client : Queensland Police

QLD Police Refurbishment

Project : Forensics Unit Refurbishment
Design : JA Architects

Premis delivered a staged program for the forensics unit refurbishment which provides forensics services for both field and laboratory-based criminal investigations at the Queensland Police Headquarters in Brisbane.  The project included upgrades to the forensics, instrument and video laboratories high accoustics audio room, office and traing rooms.   Each stage was treated as a separate project with its own completion date.  It was integral to the success of the project that each stage was completed on time to allow the project to move to the next stage.  

Stage 1 - was the refurbishment of the MCU dayroom (major crime unit) and included fitting out two new laboratories for ballistics and an instrument lab, as well as a custom-built compactus to house the department's ballistics' collection.

Stage 2 - involved the relocation of the old ballistics compactus, the fitting out of the reception, locker rooms, showers, exhibit store and alterations to the chemistry lab.  Additionally three DNA labs and anteroom were fitted out with specialised mechanical plant.

Stage 3 - included the refurbishment of the meals room, meeting room, reception and office areas.

Stage 4 - focused on the refurbishment of the photographics department including the video lab, office areas and facilities.   Some areas of this area had to remain operational throughout construction work, so hoarding and dust prevention measures were in place during this time.

Stage 5 - saw the delivery of conference rooms with operable walls, the refurbishment and construction of labs
and specialised store rooms and updating finishes throughout.

Stage 6 - the final stage meant that Premis were working concurrently on the delivery of the facility's two audio labs,
a class 7 lab, a DNA management area and a central meals room.

Careful coordination of management systems, ingress and egress, air quality standards and contamination control was required to work through each stage of the project.  Electrical services, mechanical specification, hydraulic specification and communication services were also factored into the detailed methodology, thus labelling the project as "6 projects within a larger project".

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