Client : Griffith University

Griffith University Anatomy Lab

Project : Anatomy Lab
Design : Thomson Adsett

Premis Solutions recently completed work on the construction of a new Anatomy Laboratory at Griffith University.   The project included the demolition of existing nursing labs, mechanical plant rooms and the construction of a new anatomy lab and mechanical plant rooms. 

The new space contains Anatomy and nursing areas, preparation rooms, cold rooms, washing and storage space.   There is a cold room and refrigeration panels in the ceiling within the anatomy lab to control the humidity within the anatomy space.  To ensure cleanliness in this environment, stainless steel and resistant finishes have been utilised throughout the laboratory.

When the new lab space is in use it will be kept at a constant negative pressure.  To maintain this negative pressure two plant rooms on level 2 will need to be in use.   One of the plant rooms will be for fresh air, cooling and humidity control, while the other plant room will house exhaust fans.  The new air handling unit has been increased in size to cater for the new facility. 

During the construction period a temporary structural deck was built to allow the hoisting of the larger air conditioning unit to the plant room.   Existing flues/fans within the exhaust plant room were removed to allow for new extraction equipment to service the anatomy lab.   Due to the size and weight of the new equipment, the fan and flue had to be hoisted up to the plant room by crane.  

Localised mechanical exhaust ductwork was installed within the central benches to manage the required air change cycles at the workbenches, together with double glazing and automation to the window furnishings to meet Australian Standards within the laboratory space.

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