8 Oct, 2018 | Written by Premis

Workplace Design Trends to Inspire & Invigorate

At Premis Solutions, we believe that the best commercial interior fitouts don’t just look great (although they should do that, too).

Instead, a successful commercial interior fitout should be carefully tailored to inspire your employees and drive creativity and innovation in your organisation.

While this may sound like a lofty ideal, there are several practical ways to implement workplace design trends that really will help to inspire and invigorate your team.

Below, we’ve listed out a few such trends you may wish to consider for your next commercial interior fitout.

Why Worry About Creativity?

In the twenty-first century, creativity isn’t just important for graphic designers or web developers. Instead, in our ever-changing world, creativity is a vital trait in any organisation.

The more creative your people are, the more they can achieve, and the better prepared they will be to help your company adapt, grow, and take advantage of new technologies, trends, and opportunities.

As such, it makes sense to support and facilitate creativity in your workplace in every way possible – including your fitout.

Draw Upon Nature

Studies have shown that natural environments are more relaxing and less stressful than other environments. And when your employees are less stressed, they’re also empowered to be more creative.


Incorporating elements of nature in your commercial interior fitout doesn’t just mean adding pot plants. It could also mean using natural stone, water features, timber furniture and/or finishes, maximising natural light through windows and skylights, or even using murals and other décor to create a more natural look and feel.

Create Free-Flowing Spaces

While a certain level of routine and structure in your organisation is important, these elements can also work against creativity. One way to overcome this challenge is to add an element of unpredictability in your commercial fitout – one that won’t undermine stability.

Free-flowing or open office spaces with moveable furniture can allow you to “mix it up” in your workplace and encourage creative thinking. Wheeled tables and chairs, portable whiteboards, and shared workspaces can all help foster creativity. They’re also incredibly practical, as you can rearrange rooms to suit the task at hand, be that a client meeting, a brainstorming session, or the mad rush that precedes an important deadline.

Plan for Privacy

While open offices foster creativity and collaboration, your employees may need a more structured space to work in while implementing those creative ideas. You want a workplace that supports your team to achieve your company and project goals.


A popular choice in open offices and other collaborative workplaces is to balance free-flowing spaces with “privacy pods” – small rooms designed for one to four people. This setup allows individuals and small teams to work together without distraction when it’s time to execute your creative plans. Different designs will work for different spaces, but generally speaking, you’ll want comfortable office furniture, plenty of power points for laptops and other devices, and adequate soundproofing to allow for focused thought and action.

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