12 Feb, 2018 | Written by Premis

Working Collaboratively on Projects

If you want your next project to succeed, collaboration is the secret ingredient you must include in the mix.  

While collaboration is always important, it’s particularly vital for projects that involve tight deadlines, “live environments” that need to continue operating during the project, or a large number of stakeholders that must work together to see the project through to completion.   At Premis Solutions, our commitment to collaboration before, during and after each and every project we work on is the reason our clients consistently recommend our services and use us again and again.  

Below are two examples of projects where our collaborative approach ensured a successful outcome for everyone involved.

St Columba’s Primary School 

St Columba’s Primary School was a particularly complex project to undertake.  The build site was located in the centre of the school, surrounded by other buildings, and the works were undertaken while the rest of the campus remained open to students and teachers during the school term. 

To successfully complete this three-stage build project, Premis had to remain in constant communication with the architects, the school and other stakeholders.  

Collaboration before and during the process ensured that adequate planning was undertaken to allow the build to be completed in a sequence that fitted in with the school schedule and events at the neighbouring church. The Premis team remained onsite throughout the project so any challenges could be collaboratively addressed when and where they occurred.  

Despite the complexity of the entire process, our commitment to collaboration and the cooperation of all the parties involved ensured the build project was completed successfully on time and on budget.  

Redcliffe Hospital – Moreton Bay Integrated Care Centre (MBICC) 

Premis was invited to refurbish three floors of the MBICC building in Redcliffe Hospital.  This was the fifth project Premis was asked to undertake for Redcliffe Hospital – a clear indication of their faith in our collaborative process.  

Because the hospital needed to continue operating throughout the refurbishment, careful planning and collaboration was required to complete the project on time without compromising patient care.  

The major upgrade to the kidney and cancer care ward and refurbishment was carried out as a “staged project” with different areas completed sequentially so the hospital could carry on operating and servicing its patients. Premis remained in constant communication and collaboration with both the hospital and the other stakeholders involved in delivering the project.  

Collaborate with Us 

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