2 Apr, 2018 | Written by Premis

What Type of Feeling Do You Want Your Interior Design to Convey?

Are you considering a commercial interior fitout in the near future?  Whether you’re expanding or refurbishing your existing premises – or moving to an entirely new location – it’s worth considering the type of feeling you want your interior design to convey.

Colour, layout, furniture, features and design elements can all have an effect on how people subconsciously react to your space.  Whether those people include visitors, clients, stakeholders, investors, staff or some combination of the above, it pays to get things right.

So in this post, we delve a little deeper into three ways your new commercial interior fitout can be leveraged to lead people to experience the “right” kind of feelings in your space.

Colour & Feeling

The affect of colours in the environment on people’s moods is a well-established psychological fact.  Different colours affect feeling and emotion in different ways, so before you choose your colours, you need to choose what kinds of feelings you want your space to convey. Light shades of blue and green can have a calming influence, while red can be an aggressive colour, making it suitable for only a small number of contexts.

When including splashes of colour in your interior fitout, remember you don’t just have to go for painted walls. Colour can also be introduced into your space via your furniture, cabinetry, artwork, planting and more.

Light & Feeling

Natural light has been shown to improve productivity and comfort for people working indoors, partly because it helps to regulate circadian rhythms.  However, while natural light can be a huge positive for everyone in your building, it’s important to get it right. After all, bright, unfiltered sunlight at awkward angles can make a room glary, uncomfortable and even too warm.

To invite natural light into your space, you may want to consider glass doors, skylights, larger windows or even carefully-placed mirrors to reflect the light.

Ceiling Height & Feeling

Did you know that your ceiling’s height can also affect the way people in your building feel?  Higher ceilings tend to facilitate free and abstract thought, while people in rooms with lower ceilings tend to be better able to focus on specifics.

If your space gives you the freedom to choose or alter your ceiling height, then it’s important to choose a height that matches the needs of your staff and visitors. For example, staff operating complex machinery may benefit from lower ceilings that encourage focus, while staff in an advertising agency office may get more out of a room with higher ceilings.

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By understanding how your interior design can support – or hinder – your people, you can make more informed decisions about your use of colour, light and ceiling height for your interior.

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