25 Mar, 2019 | Written by Premis

Water-Smart Commercial Buildings

Across Australia, many communities have been feeling the effects of less – and less predictable – rainfall.  

Add on the effects of more frequent extreme weather events, and the importance of water conservation and water-smart buildings is clear. After all, not only does being water-smart help your organisation to do “your part” for the environment – it also helps to ensure you have the water you need, when you need it, even during times of drought.

What are Intelligent Building Technologies?

Intelligent building technologies connect systems and platforms in your building to help you achieve optimal efficiency.

Historically, much of the focus of intelligent building technologies was on energy efficiency.

However, as the need for water-smart design has become more apparent, intelligent building technologies have increasingly been used to reduce water usage and improve water management and efficiency in commercial and other buildings, including schools and government buildings.

Water-Smart Systems and Technologies

Intelligent building technologies can be used to monitor and manage your building’s internal plumbing systems.

By setting a baseline for water use and performance, the system can quickly detect leaks and problems such as running taps and toilets, in turn allowing for these issues to be addressed quickly and efficiently.

It can also allow you to implement strategies for optimising water use and efficiency. For example, if your intelligent technologies identify that most of your building’s water use is in bathrooms, you may decide to install water-saving flushes or a grey water system to provide water for flushing.

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Images Credit: Barangaroo Delivery Authority.  The entire Barangaroo precinct in Sydney is 'water wise'.  When completed, the whole precinct will be water positive, collecting more water than it will use.


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