12 Nov, 2018 | Written by Premis

Using Timber & Wood to Bring Natural Elements into Your Fitout

Timber and wood are popular building materials across Australia. Versatile, sturdy, and (when sustainably-harvested) environmentally-friendly, wood and timber can be used throughout your interior fitout.

Both materials allow you to weave natural elements throughout your workplace. And, as a bonus, they can even promote your employees’ wellbeing along the way.

Research-Backed Benefits

Research has shown that exposure to nature or natural elements boosts people’s wellbeing. One recent study even found that workers who could simply see wooden surfaces while working experienced greater satisfaction and wellbeing than their colleagues who were not exposed to wood in the workplace.

One clear advantage wood and timber hold over other natural elements is the fact that these materials can be incorporated into your fitout without the same planning and maintenance that’s required for features such as indoor gardens (though these are great for worker wellbeing, too).

And as it turns out, there are plenty of practical ways to incorporate natural wood and timber into your next interior fitout.

Interior Fitout Possibilities

Timber panelling is one simple option for incorporating timber in your workplace. This can be used on a feature wall, or in other places throughout your fitout. Either way, it’s a great way to feature natural elements in your design.

Timber and wood ceilings are another choice growing in popularity. From polished ceilings to exposed beams, the possibilities are practically endless. And for an extra environmentally-friendly and natural touch, you can even use reclaimed wood.

In some workplaces, wooden furniture may be an option. You may also find that other architectural features, such as staircases or pillars, lend themselves particularly well to being made from wood or timber, offering a practical opportunity to bring natural wooden elements into your fitout.

You can mix and match wood tones, however it’s best to limit your selection to two or three tones to create harmony throughout your space. For example, natural wood architectural features can give you a rustic feeling, and darker wood furniture will give contrast.

And, if there’s space for some particularly natural elements in your interior fitout, you could even consider potted wooden plants, including trees and woody shrubs.

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