6 Aug, 2018 | Written by Premis

Trends in Indirect Lighting

Lighting is one of the most significant features in any commercial interior fitout.  And one of the latest trends in commercial interior lighting is indirect lighting.

What is Indirect Lighting?

To clearly define indirect lighting, it’s useful to compare it with direct lighting. 

In a space lit by direct lighting, the source of light (be it fluorescent lights, suspended lights, lamps, or something else) is clearly visible.  In contrast, indirect lighting involves using concealed light sources that illuminate your space via reflection. The reflective surface that facilitates this illumination may be a ceiling, a wall, the floor, or another structure.

In instances where indirect lighting is well-planned and laid out, the end result imitates natural light, eliminates shadows, and creates a pleasant ambience.

Benefits & Applications

Studies have long shown the health and productivity benefits businesses enjoy when their employees work in adequately lit spaces. Indirect lighting offers one way to ensure that your commercial space is adequately lit so you can enjoy these benefits.

Another advantage indirect lighting offers is its versatility, as it works well in a variety of different spaces. This makes it an ideal choice for areas as diverse as conference rooms, office spaces, staff kitchens, and more.

Indirect lighting is also “warmer” than many of its direct lighting counterparts. Thanks to its very nature, it can be used to eliminate shadows and offer even lighting throughout a space.

By imitating natural light, indirect lighting allows you to eliminate some of the disadvantages of natural lighting (such as glare and the fact that natural light moves throughout the day). Alternatively, you can use it to create the feeling and effect of natural light in a space with a limited number of external windows – or none at all.

The main caution if you want to incorporate indirect lighting in your next commercial interior fitout is to be sure you work this into your plans from the outset, as it requires careful planning.

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