14 May, 2018 | Written by Premis

Thorough Project Management – Meeting Your Expectations

When it comes to constructing or refurbishing your commercial, educational, or hospital building, it’s likely you have a fairly clear idea in your mind about how you want things to run. Of course, you also know that there’s a lot that can go wrong. The bigger or more extensive your project, the greater the room for error. And these errors can cost you in terms of time, money, and disruptions to business continuity.

Communication is key; you need to have a plan in place that takes into account how a project can affect all stakeholders.  It’s for this reason that a lot of companies plan their project as staged projects to minimise risk and disruption during business hours.

For facilities that are in essence 24/7 live environments – such as hospitals, aged care and universities – extensive planning is a key requirement to reduce any surprises, challenges and other problems during your project.  To ensure your project is successful, adapt an approach that ensures your expectations are realistic, and your builder can meet those expectations.

From Planning to Execution

A collaborative and thorough approach to project management is a good start whether it is a live
environment, a complex build or a high-end fitout.

At Redcliffe Hospital, Premis delivered the refurbishment of two operating theatres and a CT scanner suite. Careful planning was required to strip out two of the existing theatres (located in the middle of a line of six), before work commenced in-situ on the two new theatres. 

Premis maintained a clean, non-noisy, dust and contaminant-free environment throughout the course of the project, enabling all of the other theatres to remain operational.

The Role of Your Team

Your team will take care of any necessary preliminary steps for your project and consult with stakeholders to understand their needs and perspectives. This is the most effective way to meet the expectations of everyone involved.

Moving Ahead

Every project is different; talk to your project team to identify any specific operational requirements, potential constraints and safety issues. This provides the information needed to identify any challenges, plan schedules and solutions to mitigate risk, so you can get on with delivering the results you’re looking for. 

Program Plan

Your program plan will need to be thorough because chances are it will change – sometimes on a daily basis.  Your project team will usually meet with the stakeholders before, during and after the project to ensure that the work can be done with as few delays as possible. This type of work ethic includes ensuring compliance with relevant codes and organising any necessary certification and commissioning.

Recent projects

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