9 Jul, 2018 | Written by Premis

The Function Of The CSSD In Your Health Environment

The central sterile services department (CSSD) is a crucial function in hospitals and other health care facilities.  Also known as the sterile processing department (SPD), sterile processing, central supply department (CSD), or central supply, this unit is dedicated to sterilising and reprocessing reusable medical instruments, devices and equipment. 

The CSSD (or sterilisation department) plays a vital role in supporting infection control within healthcare facilities, with CSSD employees required to follow the mandated principles of Australian Standard AS4187.  The medical and surgical instruments and equipment cleaned and sterilised by the CSSD are subsequently used by health workers in the operating theatre of a hospital or day hospital, or a treatment room of a medical clinic. 

Most health facilities which complete onsite medical procedures or operations will have a CSSD within their facility. Some smaller health facilities also utilise offsite CSSD’s, however the trend is moving more towards onsite, integrated CSSDs in new or refurbished health facilities.

Moreton Eye Hospital – CSSD Upgrade

Premis recently completed a fitout and refurbishment at Moreton Eye Hospital. 

The project involved installation of new services (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, fire and security) to service the new CSSD’s disinfector and sterilising equipment. The CSSD fitout included new partitions to accommodate updated equipment layouts, major floor preparation for sensitive disinfector and sterilisation equipment, stainless benching and power-assisted sliding doors. 

A new mechanical system was also installed to enable infection control through positive and negative pressures, along with the installation of new sterile and disinfector equipment.

Griffith University – CSSD Upgrade

Premis also worked on a CSSD upgrade project at the Griffith University’s Gold Coast Campus in Southport.  This project involved the demolition of the existing CSSD and the construction of a new CSSD for the dental students’ public clinic.

The site was fully encapsulated with full height hoarding to create a space that provided negative pressure to minimise the circulations of dust and fumes adjoining occupied spaces including air monitoring.   Works included the disconnection of existing services and equipment prior to full demolition, followed by the installation of new services including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, fire and security.

The refurbishment included partitions to accommodate the new machine layout, major floor preparation, benching and shelving, power-assisted sliding doors and coordinating the installation of sterile and disinfector equipment.

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