9 Apr, 2018 | Written by Premis

Safety: An Integral Part Of Your Construction Project

Health and safety should be front of mind on every construction project and in line with workplace health and safety regulations.

Contractors work side-by-side and heavy vehicles are always coming and going on every project.   It is therefore essential to ensure consultation, cooperation and coordination is constant to ensure the safety of everyone on a project site.   

Premis Solutions recently completed work on the construction of an Anatomy Laboratory at Griffith University.  The project involved demolition works as well as the construction of scaffolding to hoist materials to either the roof or higher levels of the building.

During the project a temporary structural deck was built to allow the hoisting of a larger air conditioning unit to be installed into the plant room.  

When updating the existing flues in the Griffith University building, the Premis team had to gain access through the roof.

Existing flues/fans within the exhaust plant room were then removed to allow for new extraction equipment to service the anatomy lab.   Due to the size and weight of the new equipment, the fan and flue had to be hoisted up to the plant room by crane.

Health, safety and the well-being of our people is at the forefront of our management systems at Premis Solutions.  We are committed to zero harm to ensure minimum risk to all working on our project sites.

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