30 Nov, 2016 | Written by Premis

Rural Hospital Update: Hughenden Hospital

Premis recently delivered a complete upgrade of the wet fire systems and hydrants at Hughenden Hospital in central Queensland. The Hughenden health service provides inpatient, outpatient and emergency care services 24/7.

The original project involved providing water pressure for the wet fire systems to the hospital in line with compliance procedures, however, it was determined that due to the remote nature of the facility, the council water mains were unable to supply the adequate coverage and achieve the design PSIs.

A redesign was undertaken and the Premis team worked to ensure that the upgraded work met the relevant compliance standards.  
Two storage tanks were installed to hold the necessary volume of water to supply four hours of continued water flow at the correct PSI standard to the hospital.  
The remainder of the work stayed within scope and also included an upgrade of the FIP panel to compliance, the provision and installation of pipework and the coordination of comprehensive excavation work, trenching, slabs and shed work.

Premis works collaboratively with clients to understand and deliver the best course of action for complex projects in remote areas.
We look forward to the opportunity to providing the same outcome to rural health clients in the future.

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