27 Nov, 2017 | Written by Premis

Rethinking Hospital Patient Room Design

The increasing emphasis on patient-centred hospital design has put the spotlight squarely on the place that people spend the most time in while in hospital – the patient room.  Hospital rooms are often over-crowded spaces, with competing demands that stretch their usability.

The importance of a well-designed and configured hospital room cannot be understated; numerous medical studies have shown that amenable and comfortable surroundings help patients recover quicker, and get home sooner.   When designing hospital rooms to suit the needs of the patient (and their family), the space’s efficiency, safety and comfort must be considered.

Designing For The Whole Family
More often than not, hospital rooms aren’t equipped for groups of visitors or a family member staying overnight. With family support during a hospital stay duly recognised as an important component of the healing process, additional facilities are progressively being incorporated into patient rooms to meet the needs of family and friends.

By re-designing patient rooms to include family-friendly features such as pull-out sofas, more storage, re-charging facilities and tables for sharing meals and working, family members are better supported, and can productively partner with hospital staff in meeting their loved one’s needs.

Providing A Healing Environment
Patient rooms need to be multi-functional to ensure hospital clinicians can undertake their medical duties, but that doesn’t mean the room environment needs to be sterile or impersonal.  Patients want their room to be inviting and comfortable, with considerations for privacy and dignity. By maintaining distinctive zones for patients, visitors and staff and de-emphasising medical equipment where possible, any harsh institutional feel can be avoided.

The choice of lighting, interior colours, flooring and furniture all contribute to providing an environment that provides a calming and healing atmosphere for patients. Coupled with personalised control of entertainment, lighting and temperature, patient rooms that create a more home-like environment can have a significant bearing on a patient’s stress and comfort levels while in hospital.

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