27 Feb, 2018 | Written by Premis

Rethinking Classroom Design

The Australian school system is evolving, with technology and collaboration a key focus of the recently implemented Foundation – Year 10 national curriculum.  This modern, more progressive approach to education is driving a significant change in the design of learning environments within schools.

The traditional design of a classroom with rows of tables and a whiteboard at the front of the room as the focal teaching point is fast disappearing.  Student experience is now driving the design of the modern classroom, with the latest learning spaces crafted to support flexible and cooperative learning.

Flexible Learning Environments

Seamlessly integrating the latest technologies, new school classrooms increasingly include multi-use spaces to encourage interaction between students, promoting collaborative learning.  Easily-moveable and adapatable furniture is also a key feature, making the space flexible and easy to use for both students and teachers.

In designing the new classrooms at St Columba’s Primary School – a recent 3-stage new build project delivered by Premis - ABM Architects purposefully designed the classroom to provide adaptability, with the notion that every child gets a space, not necessarily an assigned seat.  

The new St Columba’s classrooms also allow for teachers to work in groups rather than in isolation, allowing children across classes to work together without barriers.

Flipped Classrooms

Another new type of flexible learning environment gaining popularity amongst both schools and universities worldwide is flipped classrooms.  With a focus on learner-centred education, this new type of classroom supports inverted traditional teaching methods to facilitate online instruction, and bring homework back into the classroom.

Premis recently modified two existing teaching spaces at Griffith University into flipped classrooms, delivering more flexible and interactive multi-purpose learning environments for students. 

Featuring video and audio systems to facilitate video lectures, online quizzes and inter-campus class discussions, these new classrooms enhance the learning experience for students, and allow the teacher to provide a more personal approach to guide discussion and activities.

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