1 May, 2018 | Written by Premis

Reinventing University Facilities For The Future

With university teaching methods and associated technology constantly evolving, and the number of study possibilities ever increasing, tertiary learning environments need to cater for these changing requirements.

Instead of building brand new purpose-built facilities, many universities are reinventing existing spaces to create state-of-the-art teaching and learning environments.  By adaptively reusing an existing building that may be past its use by date – instead of tearing it down and rebuilding – universities are increasingly extending the lifecycle of their campus buildings.

By making better, more efficient and more innovative use of existing buildings, universities can benefit in many ways, including cost savings, material wastage and reduction of their carbon footprint.

Preserving Links to the Past

Blending the historic integrity of older buildings with modern functions can help to bridge a university’s past and future, providing students with up-to-date facilities while still preserving the institution’s origins.

The University of Queensland has a number of historic buildings that have been gradually refurbished and modernised over time.   The University’s heritage-listed Goddard Lecture Theatre was the last of its original tiered lecture theatres remaining in its original design format, however it needed an update to incorporate a more contemporary teaching and learning environment.

Premis delivered a full refurbishment of the lecture room, installing new audio visual connectivity and an electronic glass entry door.  The original corridor windows were also reinstalled, an under-floor airconditioning plant solutions, new ceiling and a number of compliance upgrades.

Reinventing Spaces for Modern Teaching Methods

While traditional lecturer-focused environments will always have their place, many universities are repurposing some of their teaching spaces to deliver more flexible, interactive multi-purpose learning environments for students.

Premis recently completed two inter-campus flipped classrooms at Griffith University’s Nathan and Southport campuses for use by the University’s Business School.   Existing teaching spaces at both campuses were modified to reverse the traditional learning environment, shifting instruction to a learner-centred model.

Classrooms were designed around the requirement for a video and audio system to facilitate video lectures, online quizzes and inter-campus class discussions.  The audio visual system integrated into the classrooms allows for content to be matrixed to any screen, including being shared to a campus more than 60 kilometres away.

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