17 Jun, 2019 | Written by Premis

Reinventing the Corporate Kitchen

Corporate kitchens have undergone a serious makeover, becoming inviting spaces where people want to gather, recharge and interact.

So how do you take the office kitchen from a purely practical space and turn it into an engaging, relaxing and multi-purpose environment?  Here’s a few our top tips.

Reflect Your Brand Ethos

Your corporate kitchen is the perfect place to express and reinforce your brand ethos internally.  A great way to reflect your company’s personality and unique culture is through the choice of colour, furniture, amenities and overall style. 

By revamping and modernising an area that is for internal use only, you’ll be showing your employees that they’re valued with the added benefit of boosting morale and engagement levels.  It’s also a good idea to ask for their input into the design – this will help you understand the functionality and amenities that your employees will value.

Mix Up the Furniture

When taking a break from their desk, some workers are looking to relax and unwind, while others are wanting to re-energise by interacting with others.  By constructing different seating areas within your kitchen, you can allocate spaces for relaxation as well as areas for conversation.

Depending on the size of the space, you can mix and match furniture heights, allowing people to stand or sit.  Furnish the space with bar tables and stools alongside dining tables and comfy chairs, as well as plush couches or armchairs.  Varying the height of your furniture helps to break up the kitchen space, creating a relaxed and visually appealing environment.

Inject Pops of Colour

While the design and style of your corporate kitchen should reflect your company’s brand, you can – and should – be bolder with your application of colour than you typically would in other parts of your workplace. 

This doesn’t mean you need to cover your walls with all the colours of the rainbow.  A backdrop of more natural and warmer hues works well with carefully planned pops of colour.  Brightly coloured stools, bold throw pillows and vibrant artwork are all great ways to set an inviting tone for a kitchen.

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