21 Sep, 2016 | Written by Premis

Redcliffe Hospital, Operating Theatres & CT Scanner Project

Premis was engaged to deliver the refurbishment of two operating theatres and a CT scanner suite at Redcliffe Hospital north of Brisbane.  The vision was to update the operating theatres to create a modern looking facility and to meet the current standards and compliance.  Existing theatres three and four (in a line of six) were stripped out before work began in-situ on the two new theatres.

It was a priority that the current four theatres remained in full operation throughout the building process.  We achieved this by cultivating a thorough understanding and management of the processes required to complete the project and working collaboratively with site management and hospital staff. A project such as this one did not come without its challenges. As the other theatres remained operational, it was a critical part of our methodology that we maintain a clean, non-noisy, dust and contaminant-free environment during the course of the project.

Redcliffe Hospital’s Head Engineer Kerry Jones stated: “This is the first time I have had a builder on-site where there has not been one complaint from any clinical, administrative or nursing staff regarding noise, debris or contamination.

The vision for the CT Scanner project was to provide an upgraded facility with current equipment and to stay up to date with industry standards.

The key priority for the hospital was to complete the works in an extremely short time frame.  We worked closely with the hospital and Siemens (equipment supplier), to ensure that the work was completed and ready for the installation of the CT Scanner.

Premis has delivered a number of projects at Redcliffe Hospital and we have gained an in-depth knowledge of the essential processes that enable us to complete the project and work collaboratively with site management and hospital staff.

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