4 Jan, 2017 | Written by Premis

Premis Project: Toowong Medical Centre

Premis recently completed a full floor redesign, fitout and refurbishment for Toowong Specialist Psychiatric Clinic in Brisbane’s west. The clinic currently occupies the second floor of the five story building.

The project was delivered in stages in an environment that remained live throughout the project. Operations were isolated to half the floor whilst it underwent refurbishment in the first stage of the project. In the second stage, operations were moved to the completed section for the remainder of the project. Fourteen psychiatric consultation rooms were refurbished as well as PWD amenities and reception facilities to Level 2, in collaboration with Maxwell Penhey Architects. The new consultation rooms reflect and mimic the design and aesthetic of the clinic’s additional consultation rooms on the ground floor.

Toowong Specialist clinic’s new consulting rooms reopened at the beginning of December 2016. Premis is pleased to deliver another successful medical project in Queensland.

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