6 Dec, 2017 | Written by Premis

Premis Project: St Columba's Primary School

Premis recently delivered a 3-stage new build project at St Columba’s Primary School in Wilston.  

It was a complex build because it was located in the centre of the school and surrounded by a number of other buildings.  Understanding and interpreting the processes needed to complete the work involved continual communication between workers on site, the client and stakeholders, as well as keeping the school operational throughout the build.

The Premis team were highly visible onsite throughout the entire project which was necessary to navigate the planning, sequencing and access for the build program.  Collaboration was key to ensuring the project continued to progress, with any challenges dealt with quickly and efficiently.

ABM Architects drew inspiration for the design from the surrounding heritage listed buildings.  The aim being to provide a modern, classical style that would showcase the school as a progressive, modern, strong environment and community. 

The design was about breaking down the barriers between the classrooms and the outside areas for students and staff, to bring in the natural light and provide connectivity and flexibility in the use of space.

The classrooms are a flexible learning space, with teachers working in groups rather than in isolation and connecting the groups so that they are part of the space – every child gets a space but not necessarily a seat. 

In terms of interior design for the classroom ABM Architects went with neutral tones - simple and classical so that the furniture or art could provide for any colour preferences. The new building now has a connection with staff and administration, and although it is ever changing – it flows more easily.

Premis looks forward to working on similar projects in the educational sector in the future.

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