8 Feb, 2017 | Written by Premis

Premis Project: Police Forensics

In March 2016, Premis commenced work on the refurbishment of the Queensland Police Headquarters Forensics Unit.  The project, which is currently being delivered as a staged program includes refurbishment to the forensics, instrument and video laboratories high acoustics audio room, office and training rooms. The facility provides forensics services that are both field and laboratory based that assist police officers in criminal investigations.

Stage 5 of the refurbishment, involving the provision of the unit’s fingerprints department is nearing completion and Premis has starting working concurrently on the final stage of the project.  The final stage will include the delivery of the facility’s Audio Labs, Class 7 Labs, a DNA management section, and a central meals room.

The project requires careful coordination of management systems, ingress and egress, air quality standards and contamination control. Premis factored electrical services, mechanical specification, hydraulic specification and communication services into the detailed methodology, which describes the project as ‘6 projects within a larger project.’

Premis looks forward to the successful completion of another project for Queensland Police Headquarters.

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