24 Jul, 2017 | Written by Premis

Premis Project: Griffith University Flipped Classrooms

Premis recently completed two inter-campus flipped classrooms at Griffith University’s Nathan and Southport campuses for use by the University’s Business School.   The flipped classroom concept has continued to gain popularity with the inversion of traditional teaching methods allowing for lecturers to deliver a more personal approach to guiding student learning and discussion.  In this current project Premis modified existing teaching spaces at both campuses to deliver more flexible, interactive multi-purpose learning environments for students. 

Classrooms were designed around the requirement for a video and audio streamlining system to facilitate video lectures, online quizzes and inter-campus class discussions.  The audio visual system integrated into the classrooms allows for content to be matrixed to any screen, including being shared to a campus more than 60 kilometres away.

The Premis team installed an intricate metal ceiling system that had been tested for acoustic performance in connection with sound absorption, sound attenuation and sound reduction.  A key benefit of the concealed grid system is the maintenance friendly suitability for large open plan/circulation areas.  The specialist galvanized steel ceiling panels provide acoustic support for the extensive audio visual environment helping to reduce the noise factor in this busy area.

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