4 Jun, 2018 | Written by Premis

Premis Project: Chermside Day Hospital

Premis recently completed a 13-week refurbishment project at the Chermside Day Hospital for the Cura Group.

The project involved the construction of a new operating theatre, administration areas, staff amenities and additional patient hold bays.  A new HEPA mechanical plant was also installed to service the new operating theatre and the mechanical and electrical services were updated to comply with current regulations. 

The Premis team conducted the project over three stages so the hospital was able to remain operational during the construction period.  Stage 1 involved reallocating available space to house both the administration area and the new operating theatre.  This required relocating imperative services in the ceiling as well as making major modifications to the hospital’s mechanical systems. The project centred on the relocation and re-routing of existing mechanical ductwork in the roof while the area remained operational.   Additionally, firewalls and fire doors were moved to accommodate the new operating theatre, thus changing the layout of the space.  Moving fire walls adds complexity to the build as well as complying with fire separation requirements.  There was an existing mechanical unit servicing an operating theatre which was relocated to make room for the new operating theatre.  This was carried out over the Christmas break.

The Day Hospital’s amenities were updated in stage 2.  The third and final stage involved the final demolition and rebuilding of the patient hold areas and the construction of the new operating theatre.  Premis worked closely with service consultants to co-ordinate the installation of theatre pendants and operating lights as well as installing radiation shielding to comply with current day hospital standards.  The new theatre is a multi-purpose theatre that will service clients for endoscopies, dental surgeries and reconstruction and other procedures.

Premis looks forward to working with Cura Day Hospital Group on future day hospital refurbishment projects in the future.

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