7 Dec, 2016 | Written by Premis

Premis Project: 288 Edward Street

Premis is in the process of building a gymnasium on the roof at 288 Edward Street, Brisbane.   The project scope requires lift shaft updates, structural works and complex demolition work to upgrade the roof structure to build the gymnasium on the 28th floor.

The lift shaft updates require cutting into the lift core, so the lifts can descend one extra level and ascend one extra level to the new gymnasium. It also incorporates new lift lobbies, that feature imported tiles from Italy.  In addition, structural works in the basement are being upgraded to allow goods to be loaded in from the basement level and transported to any floor of the building.

The picture above shows a steel beam being hoisted up the side of the building for the gymnasium structure.

Complex demolition work was necessary in repairing the existing roof structure, where Premis is building the gymnasium. Extensive use of glazing is also required to allow as much natural light into the area as possible.

There were major safety issues associated with building a structure on the roof and these were overcome by installing a two metre high screened fence system around the perimeter.

Prior to bringing a crane to the site, carbon fibre reinforcement was installed to the existing slab so that additional loads were able to be applied. This allowed us to utilise the spider crane, so that materials could be lifted to level 28 enabling the roof structure to be constructed.

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