2 Oct, 2018 | Written by Premis

Placing Safety First on Every Project

The building upgrade project at 288 Edward Street involved building a gymnasium on the roof of the 28-storey inner-city building, requiring one of our most comprehensive safety management plans to date.

The project scope involved lift shaft updates, structural works and complex demolition work to upgrade the roof structure for the gym.

The lift shaft updates required cutting into the lift core, so the lifts can ascend the one extra level to the new gymnasium.  In addition, structural works in the basement were required to allow goods to be loaded in from the basement level and transported to any floor of the building.

Complex demolition work was necessary in repairing the existing roof structure, before construction of the gym could commence.

There were major safety issues associated with building a structure on the roof and these were overcome by installing a two metre high screened fence system around the perimeter.

Prior to bringing a crane to the site, carbon fibre reinforcement was installed to the existing slab so that additional loads were able to be applied.

This allowed the Premis team to utilise the spider crane so that materials could be lifted to level 28 enabling the roof structure to be constructed.

The safety and well being of our people is at the forefront of our management systems at Premis Solutions.  We are committed to zero harm to ensure minimum risk to all working on our project sites.

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