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Patient-Centred Recovery Room Design Ideas

Recovery rooms are a key space in any day hospital – and in many regular hospitals. After all, your recovery room is one of the spaces where your patients will spend most of their (conscious) time in.

A carefully-designed, patient-centred recovery room can offer many benefits. It can reduce patient anxiety, promote post-operative healing, and sends a message to your patients that your day hospital is committed to taking care of their needs.

So, when it comes to fitting out or refurbishing your hospital, it pays to give your recovery room some thought to ensure it’s appropriately patient-centred.

Consider Natural Views

Studies have long established the apparent healing benefits of natural views. The research suggests that patients in recovery rooms with natural views spend less time there than patients in rooms without natural views.

Keeping this in mind, it makes sense to orient your recovery room to take advantage of natural views through the window. If this isn’t possible in your day hospital, you can also consider imitating the effect of a natural view by incorporating a mural of greenery and sky in your recovery room.

Think About Calming Elements

Undergoing day surgery can be an anxiety-inducing experience for your patients. Patients may also find recovery (especially recovery from a general anaesthetic) to be a stressful experience as well.

Because of this, it’s worth incorporating calming elements into your recovery room design. Light blues and greens on the walls or furniture can help create a calming atmosphere. Wood grain style details have a similar effect. For a recovery room dedicated to children, you could also use fun murals or even something as simple as a new plush toy for each child.

Be Practical

A key element of patient-centred design is ensuring that your hospital’s design promotes your patients’ wellbeing. So, in addition to making your recovery room comfortable and calming, it’s also important to ensure it’s practical.

For example, a visible medical presence in your recovery room isn’t just reassuring for your patients and their friends or family – it also ensures that appropriate medical supervision and assistance are available. It’s also important to ensure that your beds are appropriately spaced and oriented, so you’re able to easily offer patients any necessary assistance.

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