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Meeting Room Design Inspiration

Did you realise that your meeting room design can significantly improve the perception of meetings in your organisation?

With the right meeting room design, you can create a meeting space that’s comfortable, inviting and appropriately formal (or informal) depending on how it will be used.  In turn, this will lower the barriers to holding – and enjoying – meetings in your organisation.

Focus Room Design

Focus meeting rooms are ideal for private, one-on-one meetings and small projects that require a level of privacy. These rooms can feature artwork and coloured feature walls that make them look and feel less formal than other meeting spaces. For an even less intimidating feel, consider frosted glass walls and/or doors that create a sense of connection to the world outside the room.

Huddle Room Design

A “huddle room” is a room for small groups of three or four to meet. Consider including whiteboards and video screens to facilitate brainstorming or collaboration with teams at other locations. For a more relaxed feeling, glass walls and/or doors may be appropriate. Any colours or artwork in the room should reflect the appropriate level of formality you want to encourage.

This huddle room at Murphy Pipe Civil allows small groups to meet and engage in conference calls with other teams. It’s also a great example of facilitating the right levels of formality with design. The artwork adds interest to what would otherwise be a bland wall, while still maintaining a professional focus.

Small Meeting Room Design

Smaller meeting rooms are ideal for small but formal meetings, including meetings that require greater privacy. Furniture in these rooms should reflect the size of the groups using them. This is an opportunity to avoid the large tables used in boardrooms, which can create unnecessary separation between members of smaller groups. Colours, features and artwork should reflect the nature of the meetings held in the room. You should also include whiteboards, video conferencing facilities and other equipment as necessary.

Conference Room Design

Larger conference rooms are often used for board meetings or other large meetings with external visitors or clients. As such, it’s important that they maintain an appropriately formal air. They should also reflect your business’s character and personality. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t look great too. Spaciousness, attractive furniture and the right colours or patterns can create a room that’s formal, yet easy on the eyes.

The Blue Sky Investments conference room is a fantastic example of an appropriately formal meeting room that is still visually appealing. The blue feature walls add interest without detracting from the gravity of meetings, while the archway is an aesthetically-pleasing feature that does double duty by also inviting natural light into the space.

More Examples  

These examples are just a small snapshot of ideas for creating the right meeting room design for your organisation.

To see more examples of meeting room design that creates a comfortable and even inviting space for meetings, check out our commercial projects here.


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