14 Oct, 2019 | Written by Premis

Lighting Design For The Commercial Workplace

There’s much more involved in designing the lighting for your commercial interior fitout than you might initially think. Consider the activities for which lighting is required, the degree of light that’s needed, and the distribution of lighting across your premises.  

Applying the principles of good lighting design to your interior fitout can offer a number of benefits.  But what is “good” lighting design?  It’s lighting that meets several criteria:

  • Adequacy

Inadequate lighting can strain people’s eyes, negatively affect their mood, reduce productivity and even present a workplace health and safety challenge. In contrast, good lighting design ensures every space in your premises is appropriately lit for people to fulfil their necessary tasks. It can also have a positive effect upon people’s moods and productivity.

  • Energy Efficiency

With ever-rising energy bills and increasing environmental consciousness, good lighting design should also be energy efficient. Typically, this means using energy efficient lights or automated lighting, so you only ever use the light you actually need.  A fitout with large windows that let in plenty of natural light helps to reduce the amount of artificial lighting that you need to use.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Finally, good lighting design should be aesthetically pleasing. Whether this means your lighting is sleek and understated or you incorporate feature lighting, the end result should be suited to your premises, people and clientele.


Premis fitted out the Harrison Grierson workplace and incorporated an innovative use of lighting that went beyond simply being functional.  Downlights, suspension lighting and plentiful natural light were all used to great effect to create a warm and inviting feel, making for a more comfortable working environment.

Hopgood Ganim is another example of the successful mixing of natural and artificial light to provide both adequate task lighting and an aesthetically pleasing environment.  Interior fitouts like this that feature large, unobstructed windows not only look great, they can also significantly improve people’s mood and concentration levels.

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