26 Aug, 2019 | Written by Premis

Interior Fitouts: Creating Reception Spaces with Impact

The reception area is the first point of contact visitors will have with your organisation, and your chance to make a great impression. 

A well-designed reception area combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, a balance that requires skill and expertise to get right.

Here are a few considerations for creating an effective reception area as part of your interior fitout. 

Focus on the Furniture

The reception desk will be the focal point of the entire room. Ensure there’s ample space to accommodate the number of people working behind it and plenty of storage for deliveries, so they aren't left cluttering up the space. Choose the shape carefully to suit the space - a curved desk can add interest while a slimline desk might be necessary for a smaller room.

Consider the Flow of People Through the Space

n effective reception area not only looks good, it’s functional, and that means optimising the flow of people coming in and out. Consider how people move through your reception space and arrange it to make the through-flow as fast and unobstructed as possible.

Seating in Waiting Areas

Measure up your waiting areas and make sure there is sufficient seating for everyone without overcrowding. As an alternative to lines of seats, you may wish to consider U shaped groups so people can choose the level of interaction they have with those around them.

Branding Your Reception Space

For maximum impact, your reception area should be in line with your organisation’s branding. As well as your logo and brand colours, consider the feel you want to create. Is your organisation traditional, modern, friendly, tech savvy, family oriented or something else? Reflecting your brand in your décor is a great way to maintain a consistent brand, like in this reception area constructed by Premis for the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Getting the Lighting Right

The type of lighting you use has a significant impact on the feel of your reception area. Wherever possible it’s a good idea to maximise natural light, as in this example of the Harrison Grierson workplace. Floor to ceiling windows reveal a striking view, and create a bright, airy feel in the room. In the absence of natural light, you can create a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere with soft lighting and lamps.  

A well-designed reception area will create a memorable first impression for anyone who visits your organisation. Need advice on your reception or office fitout? Contact Premis to discuss your commercial interior fitout plans.

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