19 Feb, 2018 | Written by Premis

Interior Fitout Design – Flowing from the Inside to the Outside

Over the last few years, the design world’s focus on wellness and sustainability has led to the emergence of a number of new trends.  Among them is a movement that has seen designs that extend the workplace environment from indoors to outdoors.  This approach goes well beyond having a park bench outside so your employees can sit in the sun while they enjoy their lunchbreak. Instead, it’s about creating a pleasant, free-flowing, naturalised environment that breaks down the barriers between inside and out.

Below are a few ways you can apply this interior fitout design approach to your workplace or commercial building.

Eliminate Barriers

The first step in extending your workplace environment from indoors to outdoors is to eliminate barriers that could otherwise block this flow.  Think fewer walls, large windows, glass doors and skylights and you’ll be on the right track. You can also consider higher floor to ceiling spaces, which make a space feel more open.

Create Flow

Once these barriers are removed, you can connect your indoor and outdoor spaces so they flow from one to another as seamlessly as possible.  Matching your indoor flooring and outdoor ground coverings is one way to achieve this. In some cases, you may be able to use the exact same materials inside and out. In others, you may be able to match the colour and texture. Either way, the uninterrupted look and feel will help to create real flow across the premises.  Similarly, indoor potted plants that match or coordinate with the plants outside can be used to maximise this sense of flow. You could even use plants on rolling stands that can be rotated between the inside and outside.

“Naturalise” Indoors

Bringing the outside in is another way to break down the barriers between your indoor and outdoor workspaces.  This may mean using natural materials in your interior fitout design such as stone or reclaimed wood. A well-chosen water feature can also help to “naturalise” your indoor working environment.  As an added bonus, including natural elements in your workplace has been shown to enhance productivity, so why wouldn’t you consider giving it a go?

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