21 Jan, 2019 | Written by Premis

Innovative & Contemporary Hospital Design Ideas

In the twenty-first century, modern hospitals are no longer built on the basis of “this is how we’ve always done it”.

Instead, a focus on patient experience, workflow efficiencies, and staff comfort has led to a complete rethink regarding hospital design.

Based on modern research and drawing upon the experience of other industries, truly innovative and contemporary hospitals are changing the face of healthcare in a positive way.

Below are a few examples of innovative and contemporary ideas for your next hospital refurbishment – ideas that offer measurable benefits for your staff and patients alike.

Design Ideas

Decentralised nurses’ stations are one trend that’s growing in popularity. Rather than having a centrally located station, nurses’ stations can be set up in across the corridor from their patients. This makes observing patients easier for nurses, while still creating “personal space” for patients.

Borrowing from the hotel industry, another innovative design approach is to build patient rooms with smaller, but more comfortable, bathrooms. This leaves more space to be enjoyed by patients and visitors in their main room, can lead to cost savings for the hospital, and is an opportunity to make bathrooms safer for patients and staff alike, with fewer opportunities for slips and falls.

One interesting approach more hospitals are beginning to implement is to create separate entrances to various rooms for staff and visitors. This can improve workflow for staff and make the hospital experience feel less “clinical” for patients and visitors.

Another contemporary approach is to create rooms that can be quickly transformed from large, open spaces, into smaller spaces using sliding glass doors. This allows the flexibility to create private rooms for a variety of purposes, while also allowing for larger rooms and the benefits and utility these can offer.

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