3 Sep, 2018 | Written by Premis

Incorporating Hospitality Design Concepts in the Aged Care Environment

As Australia’s population continues to age, many aged care providers are looking for ways to attract new clients in an increasingly competitive space.  One emerging trend in the industry has seen aged care providers incorporate hospitality design concepts in their environment. 

This blog explores a few ways hospitality design can inform design in an aged care facility.

What is Hospitality Design?

Hospitality design puts the client experience at the centre of design decisions.  In aged care, this means placing a greater emphasis on client-focused design and working to create a more “home-like” feel in aged care facilities.

Aged care facilities that incorporate hospitality design in this way are often considered more attractive for potential residents and their families – an obvious benefit that helps to explain the growing popularity of this trend. 

“Home-like” aged care centres also benefit their ageing residents.  Not only are these centres considered more comfortable, they also serve to ease the transition from independent living to aged care living by minimising the contrasts between each lifestyle.

Hospitality Concepts in Aged Care

Comfortable, spacious, and stylish spaces are often hallmarks of hospitality design. These characteristics can also be incorporated into an aged care centre to create rooms, suites, or self-contained areas that mirror a home or a comfortable hotel. Some aged care facilities even include cafés, hair salons, and other amenities that you’d expect to find at a resort-style accommodation. Together, these features make aged care as comfortable as possible for residents and help to reassure families that their elderly relatives are well looked after.

Aesthetically, applying hospitality design concepts to aged care means choosing materials, furniture, and other features that are not only practical, but also look appealing. Timber finishes, attractive colours or patterns, stylish curtains or blinds, and well-coordinated furniture can all be used to make your aged care facility look and feel attractive, modern, and more home-like.

Of course, your aged care facility must also accommodate your residents’ needs, mobility levels, and safety requirements. This aspect of client-focused design isn’t just a hospitality-style trend – it’s a vital aspect of any aged care design.

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