1 Oct, 2018 | Written by Premis

Incorporating Homestyle Comforts in Your Commercial Interior Fitout

Most people probably don’t associate the idea of homestyle comforts with the workplace, but in many organisations, this is beginning to change.

In an effort to improve morale and make places of work more appealing to existing and prospective employees, a number of companies have chosen to incorporate homestyle comforts in their workplaces.

Why are homestyle comforts becoming more commonplace, and what benefits does incorporating them in your commercial fitout bring?


A key benefit of featuring homestyle comforts in your commercial space is that by making your workplace feel more like home, you make it feel more inviting. And when your work environment is more comfortable and inviting, your employees will be happier, more motivated, and more productive.

Homestyle comforts in the workplace can also improve engagement and foster a culture where collaborative problem solving and innovation are the norm. This contrasts with the situation many businesses currently find themselves in when their team works remotely. Although remote work may offer some efficiencies, it doesn’t encourage a cooperative team spirit.

Which Homestyle Comforts?

When it comes to bringing homestyle comforts into your work environment, furniture is an easy place to start. Homelike furniture may include couches, beanbags, benches and desks of various heights, and other such features.


For example, providing a space with couches and armchairs may allow employees to be in a more relaxed environment during breaks, or give them a place to sit comfortably while conversing with a client over the phone. This will make your space more comfortable and inviting.  

Lighting offers another straightforward opportunity for bringing a homestyle feel into your commercial space. By using lamps and more residential-style lighting fixtures, you can create a warm environment that is difficult to achieve when your rooms are full of row after row of fluorescent lighting.

For bigger organisations, onsite access to services can also add a more homelike air to your workplace, as it allows you to imitate aspects of the lifestyle of a stay-at-home worker.

Think onsite gyms or café areas and other places remote workers tend to inhabit during the work day. If you have those spaces onsite, your employees will be more motivated to be onsite to work. and they will have more natural opportunities to collaborate with one another.  

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This is just a handful of ways you can incorporate homestyle comforts in your commercial interior fitout.

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