6 Mar, 2018 | Written by Premis

Hospital Refurbishment Showcase: Live Environment Projects

Live environment projects are a challenging undertaking at the best of times, with a hospital setting adding more complexity in relation to infection control, noise and access restrictions. 

At Premis Solutions we have extensive experience delivering refurbishment and build projects in 24/7 healthcare environments, and stage our projects to facilitate “business as usual” during construction.  Full collaboration between all parties involved, extensive planning, and a commitment to minimal disruption are all fundamental to delivering successful live environment projects.

Featured below are three recent live environment projects delivered by Premis.

Redcliffe Hospital CT Scanner & Operating Theatres

The project involved the refurbishment of two operating theatres and a CT scanner suite at Redcliffe Hospital north of Brisbane. Existing theatres three and four (in a line of six) were stripped out before work commenced in-situ on the two new theatres.   Premis maintained a clean, non-noisy, dust and contaminant-free environment throughout the course of the project while all other theatres remained operational.

Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital Gastroenterology Unit

The staged project involved the construction of two new endoscopy procedure suites, an instrument cleaning room and refurbishment of the gastroenterology and hepatology department with associated support and shell areas.

The unit has been reconfigured, with Stages 1 and 2 of the post procedure recovery areas relocated, as well as general refurbishment and improvement to the department and ancillary services.

Robina Hospital Medical Imaging Department

Premis recently delivered a redesign of Robina Hospital’s medical imaging department.  The project involved refurbishment of the facility’s new patient holding area with cannulation chairs, the installation of the CT scanner and the upgrade of the x-ray and mammography areas for new machinery upgrades.  The project was undertaken in three stages to ensure the department could continue to operate during construction with minimal disruption.

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