15 Oct, 2018 | Written by Premis

Hospital Lighting Trends

Lighting in hospital environments has come a long way from rows of harsh overhead fluorescents lining the ceiling.  With the benefit of recent research into the impact of lighting on hospital patients, along with a new range of lighting technologies now available, there are a number of different ways lighting can be used to help create comfortable and healing environments.


Access to natural light – otherwise known as “daylighting” - has been found to reduce the length of patient hospital stays. It can also assist in regulating circadian rhythms and improving sleep, with all the obvious health benefits that accompany this.  

Ensuring abundant natural light in patients’ rooms may involve positioning the rooms appropriately, using larger windows or even incorporating sky lights.  Too much light can also have a negative impact, so care must be taken to avoid any excessive glare or heat through windows, along with providing suitable block out curtains or blinds.

“Tuneable” Lighting

Allowing patients to have an element of “control” of their hospital room environment can help to improve their experience while in hospital.  Adjustable LEDs allows a patient (or caregiver) to adjust the saturation and intensity of their room lighting – via a tablet-like interface – to create a more comfortable and home-like environment. 

In addition to the patient’s controls, these tuneable lighting systems can also be set to automatically adjust in accordance with the time of day or be temporarily overridden by medical staff if brighter lighting is required for observations or other medical requirements.

Luminous Lighting Panels

Adding warmth and vibrance to a hospital foyer and other common areas can also help to improve a patient’s – and their families’ – experience in hospital.  Luminous lighting panels – typically made of LEDs – can be installed on walls and ceilings, and dramatically transform the feeling of a space. 

In children’s hospitals, colour changing installations triggered by movement, or lighting panels in fun shapes, can also help to change the typical hospital atmosphere and create a sense of playfulness and fun.

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