14 Jun, 2016 | Written by Premis

High Rise High Schools

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that by 2020, Sydney will have five new high-rise and multi-storey public schools that will educate more than 6000 students at a cost of more than $200 million.   The Age also reported on plans for this vertical primary school in South Melbourne and how as cities become ever denser, the approach to how educational facilities are designed and built is changing.

The dramatic rise in the desire to live an urban lifestyle is leading to a change in Sydney’s geography and the Department of Education’s own projections are that 45,000 children will not have classrooms to go into unless capacity is rapidly expanded in the metropolitan region.  By the end of the decade, the $100 million Arthur Phillip High School will replace the existing high school and adjacent primary school in Parramatta.

Sydney CBD will also get high-rise high schools, while Alexandria Park near Green Square and Ultimo are expected to have multi-storey developments for parents who are increasingly opti  ng to stay in the inner city.  Going fast are the days of sprawling single-storey developments with football fields and playgrounds spread across hectares.

According the Sydney Morning Herald, public education advocates remain concerned that high rises will sacrifice crucial playing space, light and enough greenery for children.  Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moor has long championed the need for more schools but only “provided children have access to open space”.  Fortunately, for the 6000 students of Sydney’s five future schools, all are within walking distance to parks. That is no guarantee for the next batch, which will need to be built within short order if population planning projections are any indication.

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