1 Jul, 2019 | Written by Premis

Griffith University Virtual Lab Tour Showcase

Interactive media in today’s world is a method of communication that refers to different ways for people to process and share information.    People can become an active participant in the media they consume.

Premis Solutions recently created a 360-degree virtual tour to show a laboratory project that was completed at Griffith University in 2018.   

You can interact with the space by zooming in or zooming out, up or down, moving left or right, go full screen.  If you click on the first arrow on the screen you are then directed to another area of laboratory 2.21A.  This lab is a chemical analysis laboratory.

Another arrow takes you to laboratory 2.21 (below) which is an IRMS instrument laboratory.  On the virtual tour and on the photo below (highlighted in orange) you see a lot of gas outlets – have you ever wondered what these are used for?

The primary purpose of these outlets is providing reticulated gases to the work point.   For certain areas of the lab there are high level oxygen sensors for monitoring lightweight gases and other low-level oxygen sensors for heavy-weight gases – these are placed closer to the floor (highlighted in green).  These will also trigger an alarm when low level oxygen is identified.

The devices detect the presence of gases in an area and is often part of a safety system.  This type of equipment can be used to find a gas leak or other emissions in conjunction with a control system.   There are many gases that can be harmful to humans and animals and this is a necessary element of a laboratory build.

You may also notice in the image above that all the furniture in the lab has wheels.    Why?

A modular design adapts to a changing focus of the space and cuts downs on the need for major renovations as well as making it accessible for various uses or disciplines – e.g. biochemists and biophysicists can share the same space. 

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