4 Jun, 2017 | Written by Premis

Fostering Internal Brand Loyalty With Design

It’s well known that branding plays a central role in interactions with your customers.  Strong brands attract and retain customers through their consistent (and appealing) voice. They become associated not only with certain colours and symbols, but also with certain emotions. And their brand can foster ongoing loyalty and “buy in”.

However, while much has been written about the power of branding for attracting and retaining customers, businesses are only beginning to understand the power of branding for fostering internal loyalty among employees.

Why Internal Brand Loyalty?

The benefits of brand loyalty cannot be understated.   Obviously, avoiding staff turnover and attracting and retaining talented people who want to be in your workplace and who will contribute positively to your culture and productivity is better for your business and bottom line.

The role of the physical environment in developing internal branding that fosters staff loyalty should not be ignored. After all, while you mightn’t be able to offer chef-prepared organic meals for your staff (as Google is said to do), you can certainly fitout your workplace to foster internal loyalty.

When Premis worked with Hopgood Ganim on their refurbishment at their Brisbane CBD location,
we worked closely to ensure the design maintained the brand’s timeless style and branding.

The Role of Design

A work environment that satisfies employees’ needs for human connection and physical comfort is a work environment that will foster internal brand loyalty. With a little planning, you can easily achieve this in your workplace design and fitout.

Physical Comfort

For physical comfort, lighting, temperature and seating are all vital. Use lighting design to get optimal lighting that automatically adjusts to offer an ideal balance at all times. Automatic controls can also be applied to your workplace temperature to create a comfortable environment at all times. Comfortable seats with appropriate support (perhaps with the added option of standing desks) are the final ingredient.

Human Connection

From a human perspective, one straightforward way to foster human connection and interaction is to take an “open office” approach to your design. Rather than boxed-off rooms and cubicles, an open office design promotes collaboration and connectivity. And where differentiation is still necessary, colour coding is a simple way to achieve this without sacrificing your open office style.

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