4 Dec, 2017 | Written by Premis

Flooring Trends in Commercial Buildings

Whether you’re doing a commercial interior fitout for your office building or your warehouse, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is your choice of flooring.

Your choice of flooring has a huge effect on both your budget and your premise’s ultimate look and feel. There is a diverse range of floor coverings available. These come with different benefits to suit your specific practice needs. And while practicality is a key consideration, you may also choose flooring based on the underlying messages it sends – or simply the way it looks!

Below is a list of flooring options you may want to consider for your next commercial interior fitout.

Modern tiling

Modern tiling for commercial spaces comes in a range of shapes, including squares, rectangles and hexagons. There are also plenty of options to choose from in terms of colour, pattern and texture.

Because tiles can be arranged in so many configurations, they’re a great option if you want to use your flooring for maximum aesthetic effect. Modern tiling also comes in a variety of materials to suit different traffic levels and types.


Like tiling, vinyl comes in a large range of designs, colours and styles. Many vinyl products are hardy enough to take care of your high-traffic areas, especially if you choose a “luxury vinyl” product. Generally speaking, vinyl flooring is also easy to maintain – a key benefit that should never be overlooked!

Rubber flooring

Durable, versatile and a lot better looking than it used to be, rubber flooring is a popular choice for a number of commercial spaces. Like vinyl, rubber flooring is easy to maintain and is available in a growing number of colours and options.


This traditional flooring option comes in a variety of selections, with an endless array of colours and patterns to choose from. Your choice of carpet can send different messages.

For example, plush options can be a great way to set a “opulent” tone for a room or area. Most carpets also offer the added benefit of muffling sound, and so long as you’re not expecting to deal with liquid spills, it’s relatively low maintenance

Polished concrete

A particularly robust and resilient flooring option, polished concrete suits a range of contexts and purposes. The concrete’s light reflectivity gives your space an inviting and open feel, while its durability is really second-to-none.

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