5 Jun, 2017 | Written by Premis

Flipped Classrooms Design Elements

More and more educational facilities adopting a new type of blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment known as “Flipped Classrooms”.

What exactly is a flipped classroom?

In a nutshell, it’s about inverting traditional teaching methods and delivering instruction online outside of the class and bringing homework back into the classroom.  This type of learning was popularised by two teachers in Colorado in 2007, and is now becoming more mainstream.

This idea of “flipped classrooms” shifts instruction to a learner-centered model whereby the students can explore respective topics in greater depth.  The teacher rather than being centre-stage can provide a more personal approach to guiding the discussion and learning through activity.

With the popularity of this trend, Premis was recently engaged to deliver inter-campus flipped classrooms to two Griffith Business School campuses in Nathan and Southport.  The Griffith Business School modified existing teaching spaces to create “flipped classrooms” to enhance the learning experience for students,   the aim being to create a flexible, interactive and multi-purpose learning environment.

A major component of the project was the highly technical audio visual requirements for the project.   The Premis Solutions team worked closely with Videopro to deliver two collaborative teaching spaces for Griffith University at both Nathan and Gold Coast Campuses. The collaboration delivered a system capable of allowing academics to move freely around the teaching space for better student interaction.

At any one time students could be working locally in small groups then have their local content shared with the entire room for review or comment. The video and audio streaming system allows not only content to be matrixed to any one screen in the room but also across campuses. This type of technology  can extend student or academic shared content to a campus more than 60 kms away.

The project required minor demolition, specialist joinery, electrical/lighting/data, specialist ceilings, audio visual as well as fire system and security system upgrades.  Premis looks forward to working on many more innovative projects for Griffith University in the future.

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