5 Nov, 2018 | Written by Premis

Expressing Your Brand Ethos Through Interior Elements

Your brand’s “ethos” is your business’s core beliefs and values – the things that shape the way you work and the way you interact with customers or clients.

Often, your brand ethos will be explicitly expressed on your website and other client-facing materials. It may also be expressed on your business cards and even your email signatures.

But have you considered how you can express your brand ethos in your workplace itself?

Just as your brand ethos can be shared through your tagline, many interior elements in your workplace can be chosen or altered to send the same message.

And not only does this help to send your message to clients in a holistic way – it can also help to encourage your employees to “buy in” to your ethos in their day-to-day work life.

Practical Examples

Your brand’s ethos may draw upon a wide range of beliefs and values. So, when it comes to expressing your ethos through interior elements, it’s important to identify precisely what your ethos is.

For a sustainability-focused organisation, one way to express that ethos in your workplace could be to use reclaimed materials such as wood, stone, or slate. Other interior elements that reflect this ethos could include prominent recycling stations, indoor planting, and even sustainable furniture.

If collaboration is a key part of your company’s ethos, this can be reflected in your workplace with interior elements such as shared work desks, accessible meeting rooms, and other collaborative workplace features.

Where fun and energy are focal points for your brand, a modern space featuring colour and technology would clearly illustrate this ethos. Like all interior expressions of your brand, these features should extend throughout the building, from the entrance, to the breakrooms, and even to the bathrooms. In this example, a pool or futsal table in your lunchroom would be entirely aligned with your ethos.

If your brand is a luxury brand, then rugs, light fittings, furniture, and a host of other interior elements can all be chosen to reflect this sumptuous feeling.

Or, where innovation and technological advancement rule the day, a sleek, modern, and minimalistic interior would not be out of place.

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As you can see from all these examples, once you identify the core aspects of your brand’s individual ethos, the design elements will follow almost effortlessly.

At Premis Solutions, we’re passionate about helping our clients express their brand’s ethos through their interior fitout.

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