8 Sep, 2016 | Written by Premis

End-of-Trip Facilities in Brisbane

End-of-trip facilities have recently become a niche solution for the cycling, pedestrian and jogging communities of Brisbane on their commute to work, and are becoming a popular preference for workers to shower and get ready for their day as opposed to doing so at the office.

End of trip facilities, quite simply, offer their members secure bicycle accommodation – a place to safely park their bike until they need to use it again. Typically accessible by swipe card, facilities themselves also include female and male shower and bathroom amenities and lockers – everything they need to use to get ready for their day.  Some facilities even include bicycle repair stations and steam rooms, as well as hair-drying and straightening tools.

Premis Solutions has delivered two end-of-trip facilities to Brisbane’s CBD in the past year, indicative of the rate at which the popularity of cycling is increasing in our city.  Cycle Centre at 140 Creek Street was initially a large storage area located on Level 1 of a high-rise building before it was converted into the popular end-of-trip facility it is today.   Cycle Centre Creek Street includes all basic end-of-trip amenities and features as well as its own point of difference – a fresh towel per locker every day.  This makes a world of difference for the forgetful cyclist who neglects their towel and is forced to use the same one for days on end.

In May, Premis completed the conversion of a basement car park at 133 Mary Street in the CBD that resulted in a facility that now accommodates 170 bike racks and lockers over 350 square metres.  Extensive drainage and upgrades to lighting and fire services were necessary in delivering the fully air conditioned facility, which also includes integrated seating, 10 showers, 3 bathrooms and a practice perk – an ironing station for the business shirts among its patrons.

Both end-of-trip facility projects were delivered within highly operational environments and required careful coordination of safe construction to maintain the business-as-usual routine.   The facilities, apart from reducing congestion on the roads and improving our environment, makes an alternative method of travelling to work all the more convenient and appealing.  Also – it’s good for you.   Don’t forget to respect our friends on the road!

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