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Eco-friendly Design For Commercial Refurbishment

Many businesses are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious.  If environmental awareness is one of your company values, you may want to consider how you can reflect this in your design and fitout.

In addition to “doing your part” to look after the environment, taking an eco-friendly approach to your design and fitout can also save you money and help attract customers with similar values.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Have you considered using eco-friendly materials in your refurbishment?

Eco-friendly materials have a lower environmental impact. This impact may be minimised in terms of the energy consumed to manufacture and transport the product, the sustainability of the product’s source or even the product’s longevity and ultimate disposal considerations.

Examples of eco-friendly materials include:

  • local raw materials
  • recycled, repurposed or reclaimed materials (e.g. materials reclaimed for reuse from construction sites)
  • wood and timber from sustainably-managed plantations
  • materials that are the by-product of an existing process (e.g. stones from an excavation)
  • environmentally-friendly paints and other finishes

Energy-Saving Approaches

There are many simple ways to design and fitout your premises to reduce the environmental cost of energy use. As a bonus, these approaches can reduce your literal energy costs too.

For example, lighting can be automated so it only comes on when someone is using a particular space and when natural lighting is not sufficient. Lighting levels can also be set to adjust as needed. And of course, energy-saving bulbs are a basic but effective eco-friendly design element.

Similarly, your air conditioning can be automated to only turn on when the temperature is outside of certain parameters, to shut off when natural ventilation is used or to only turn on when people are present.

Go Eco-Friendly with Premis

At Premis, we have experience assisting with eco-friendly projects and other business and commercial spaces.

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You can also check out some examples of eco-friendly projects we’ve worked on:

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