23 Apr, 2018 | Written by Premis

Drawing Design Inspiration From Your Surroundings

Regardless of whether you’re in the healthcare, educational or commercial sector, when it comes to building your new premises, it pays to consider your building’s environment and context.

A well-designed new build may stand out and look distinctive, but it should also relate to its surroundings so it fits with your local community and enhances the area rather than detracting from it.  This means considering the suburb, city or other context your new premises when you choose both your final design and your construction materials and finishes.

Historical Districts

When it comes to building in a historical district, compatibility is key. This doesn’t mean your new build should be a carbon copy of the surrounding buildings and structures, but it should fit in with the character of the landscape.

Drawing inspiration from historical surroundings may mean choosing an appropriate orientation for your building, mirroring roof shapes or ornamentations, selecting compatible materials or carefully choosing suitable colour palettes.

An example of drawing inspiration from historical surroundings is the new administration building Premis built for St Columba’s Primary School in Brisbane’s northern suburbs. The building was carefully designed and built to fit with its surroundings – most notably the neighbouring church. As you can see from the image below, carefully selected bricks were interspersed with more modern features, ensuring the building fits its context while still looking like a product of modern design.

The Natural Environment

For buildings in more natural environments, it makes sense to approach your new build with the intention of blending in. In situations like this, you want to create harmony between your setting and building, or between the natural and built environment.

Drawing inspiration from natural surroundings may involve emphasising stone and timber in your exterior design, choosing a building shape that appears to emerge from the environment rather than standing out in stark contrast to it, incorporating planting and gardens or selecting colours that reflect your natural context.

Urban Landscapes

Urban landscapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s harder to make hard and fast suggestions without first seeing your specific urban surroundings.  Of course, many of the principles of drawing inspiration from historical districts or natural environments also apply here. You can draw upon your surroundings as you choose your building materials, building size, design elements and features, colours and other details.

The main difference when it comes to drawing inspiration from urban landscapes is that it’s more acceptable for a building in this context to stand out. This doesn’t mean doing whatever you want and creating the neighbourhood’s next eyesore. But it does mean you can select a design and approach that aspires to being iconic, while still fitting into your surroundings.

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