17 Oct, 2017 | Written by Premis

Different Wall Finishes For Your Building

When it comes to your building’s fitout design, wall finishes are a bit like the icing on a cake.   They may be one of the last things you take care of, but they’re also one of the features that will have the most impact on your space’s appearance and feel.   Wall finishes can define a mood, lead the eye to a particular area, influence clients’ first impressions of your business and otherwise add to (or detract from) your business and brand.

In addition to the messages they send, different wall finishes can also fulfil different functions and purposes and offer varying levels of durability.  As such, it’s important to choose the right wall finishes for your business – finishes that send the right messages, perform the right functions and offer a fit-for-purpose lifespan.

Paint is the most obvious choice of wall finish for a building, and no wonder. It’s relatively easy to apply, it can be long-lasting and there are now environmentally-friendly options available.   When choosing a paint for your interior, be sure to choose one that has low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). You don’t want your clients, employees or painters exposed to high VOCs as these can be harmful.  In higher traffic areas, you may also want to choose a paint that’s water-repellent, dirt-repellent and stain-resistant.

Modern Wallpaper
Wallpaper has come a long way since the musty, mould-prone stuff of 40 years ago. Modern wallpaper offers durability and longevity, and recycled and other environmentally-friendly options are available. It’s also comparatively cost-effective.   The greatest benefit of using wallpaper is that it offers a simple way to add not only colour, but also patterns to a feature wall or other wall space.   In addition to traditional, paper-based wallpapers, paper-backed vinyl wall finishes are a durable wallpaper-style option that can even be scrubbed clean.

Beyond Plaster
Not all walls are plastered – and they don’t need to be, either. Timber, brick, concrete, tile, vinyl, laminate and stone are all great options for wall finishes.   They may all be different, but these materials offer a range of common benefits. All can be used to create striking, visually appealing and unique feature walls, they’re all particularly durable, and thanks to advances in technology and manufacture, they’re all much easier to use than they once were.

As with other wall finishes, environmentally-friendly versions are increasingly easy to find. Your range of colour options is still incredibly broad, and for the naturally-derived options, every wall will be entirely unique.

Dry-Erase Surfaces
In collaborative spaces or spaces where children need to be kept entertained, dry-erase surfaces are a fantastic choice of wall finish.   Both whiteboard and chalkboard walls are easier than ever to apply. IdeaPaint is one example of a “whiteboard” paint that can be applied to transform your wall into a dry-erase canvas, while chalkboard paint finishes are even easier to come by.

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