7 Jun, 2017 | Written by Premis

Design Trends For The Modern Workpace

Flexibility is a growing trend for the modern workplace.   Below are three different ways you can incorporate flexibility into your next work-space fitout or refurbishment.

Task-Specific Workspaces

Rather than assigning people to specific desks, one flexible workspace approach is to fitout a range of spaces that suit the different tasks your employees engage in.  As they move between tasks during the day or week, your employees will also move between these spaces.

This practice of assigning tasks, not people, to a physical space is a good example of how flexibility can be harnessed to optimise efficiency. If required, you can also incorporate colour-coordination to add visual differentiation between your different spaces.

Community Worktables

An increasingly popular element in flexible workplaces, community work tables are large tables that employees and/or managers can all work from at the same time.

Community worktables can be used to foster collaboration (literally bringing people together), host meetings or provide a workspace for employees who normally work offsite.    Learn more about community worktables

 “Unattached” Workspaces

Location flexibility is a common feature of the flexible workforce. Your employees may not work onsite every day. However, if they still need to join you onsite from time to time, they’ll need a space to work in.

Task-specific workspaces or community worktables may do the trick. But if not, you can incorporate a small number of workspaces that are not attached to any particular individual and are available for whomever is visiting (rather than assigning a large number of spaces to offsite employees, thus leaving these spaces unoccupied much of the time).

This allows you to use your space optimally, increasing the space available for other purposes or, alternatively, minimising the total space you require.

Flexibility in Your Workplace

Different flexible workspace trends suit different workplaces and company cultures.  The trick is to find the flexible trends that suit your business’s space and needs.

At Premis Solutions, we have the experience necessary to assist in fitting out or refurbishing your workplace to maximise flexibility and efficiency.

Check out this example of a flexible workplace project that incorporated a community worktable or contact us today to learn more.

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