17 Jul, 2017 | Written by Premis

Design Ideas To Make A Great First Impression On Your Clients

Your waiting area or reception area is key to your clients’ first impressions of your business and brand.   As your literal and figurative front door, it needs to send the right message about who you are as a business. However, all too often, waiting areas are designed and fitted out as something of an afterthought or not given the attention they deserve.  Unfortunately, this approach isn’t just lazy – it can be detrimental to your business. We explore 3 easy design ideas that will help you make a great first impression in your client waiting area.


Lighting receives extensive attention from designers and architects, and no wonder. A well-lit room – especially one that incorporates natural light – is warm, inviting and comfortable. On the other hand, a dimly-lit room or one lit with stark, fluorescent lights is mildly uncomfortable at best.    Your clients may not consciously notice your waiting area is well-lit, but the subconscious benefits will pay dividends for the positive impressions they create. LED lights, large windows, skylights and other features can all provide the light you need to give your clients an experience that will reflect positively on your business.


Arriving in a new space and having no clue where to go can be unpleasant. And while it may only be a minor inconvenience (the quintessential “first world problem”), it still creates feelings of stress, anxiety and confusion – hardly feelings you want associated with your clients’ first impressions of your business.  In contrast, a well-designed, intuitive waiting area contributes to an overall feeling of welcoming, puts clients at ease and hints that all their interactions with you will be similarly pain-free. Putting your reception desk front and centre and using clear signage are two simple but extremely effective ways to make your waiting area more intuitive.


Waiting room furniture can be the stuff of nightmares. Think uncomfortable chairs, flimsy tables and Styrofoam cups of it-was-probably-once-warm coffee. “Gang” chairs that line the wall may be efficient and cheap, but do you really want your clients walking away with the thought that their comfort meant less than your bottom line?   Empathy and functionality are the twin keys to furnishing your waiting area. The furniture you choose and the setup you create must both be practical and functional. However, they should also be comfortable, inviting, and anything else you would want if you were waiting there. Furniture also provides opportunities for expressing your branding and business personality, so why not take full advantage?

Ready, Set, Wow Your Clients

Does your waiting or reception area currently give the wrong impression for your business?  At Premis Solutions, we love working with commercial business clients to create fitouts that will blow your clients away in all the right ways.  Call us today on 1300 773 647 to discuss how we can help you “wow” your clients with your new fitout. 

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