16 Jul, 2018 | Written by Premis

Design Ideas for University Campus Areas

The educational layout for universities is continuing to evolve, providing a selection of spaces for the student to relax, study, collaborate and work in.  Australian universities are increasingly re-evaluating campus designs to reflect their institution’s distinctive identity but also to suit students’ lifestyle.  

In some ways the campus is viewed as an ‘extended living room’.  Most local students come and go but international students would probably use the space for longer periods of time, so it no longer “ok” for the campus to be a little bit dated.

RMIT University’s New Academic Street

RMIT University’s New Academic Street Campus has recently completed a $220 million transformation of their library, retail, student services and central outdoor spaces.  The transformation was prompted by students looking for spaces to not only study, but also to meet up with friends and relax.

The new design includes student portals, rooftop and garden spaces and updated library spaces.  The redevelopment has 4,000 new seats that range from traditional work benches to couches, bean bags and even deck chairs.  It is designed for multiple uses – group collaboration, building models, hang out areas or quiet places for study or just reading a book.  It even has great coffee with some of the best café operators being invited to the campus.

Monash University – Learning & Teaching Building

Monash University’s Clayton Campus features a new building with more than 60 formal and informal learning and teaching spaces, providing a student-centred learning experience.   The building is part of the University’s Masterplan to create inspiring spaces for students to reach their full potential.

Griffith University Business School

Griffith University has been undertaking significant refurbishment of their learning and teaching spaces, with a vision of providing students with the optimal environment to soak up new knowledge.  Premis recently modified existing teaching spaces at the University’s Nathan and Southport campuses to provide flipped classrooms for use by the Business School.  

The classrooms were designed to provide more flexible, interactive multi-purpose learning environments for students, with the latest video and AV technology installed to facilitate video lectures, online quizzes and inter-campus class discussions. 

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