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Conference Room Design Inspiration

Conference rooms are a key part of any office or commercial space.   Often multi-use, they can be frequented by management, team members, prospective and existing business partners, and even clients.

Because of this, it’s important that your conference room design is both flexible and comfortable – and that it positively represents your business and brand


People may spend long periods of time in your conference room (for example, for long or consecutive meetings), so you want them to be comfortable.

Avoid harsh lighting such as fluorescent lights and instead switch to LED downlights or similar comfortable lighting.

Maximising natural light is another great way to create a healthy and comfortable space, so consider sky lights or larger windows where possible.


Seating is a second key comfort factor.

Comfortable seating ensures everyone has a positive experience, so choose seats with lumbar support and decent padding.

You should also keep your seating on the same level (no tiered seats) to promote collaboration and emphasise equality and accountability.


Crowding is a common problem in conference rooms.

Often, this problem can be solved by simply using a smaller table and placing fewer chairs around it.

Other conference rooms may benefit from using space wisely by incorporating a divider that can turn your one large room into two smaller ones where necessary.


Meetings can get tense at times. You don’t want to add to the tension with your design.

Calming colours (as opposed to bright or intrusive colours) on the walls and furniture are a great way to subtly promote comfort, agreeableness and a calm atmosphere.

Light shades of blue, green and even yellow are often recommended as calming colours.

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