8 Mar, 2017 | Written by Premis

Community Work Tables And Non-permanent Workspaces

An increasingly common element of workspace design in business, commercial and even government offices is non-permanent workspace layouts.

This “open office” approach can offer flexibility in the way your office space is utilised. It may be an expression of your organisation’s values. And it can be used to foster a “round table” feeling and culture where seating, physical location and space in the office is not assigned based on a person’s position or authority.

One key design concept in this open office approach is community work tables.

What is a Community Work Table?

A community work table is a large table, often located in the centre of a working space. Thanks to its size, the table offers enough room for a number of employees and managers to simultaneously work from it together.

Community work tables can be used to foster collaboration, offer flexibility or even host meetings with colleagues or clients. They also tend to encourage relationship building and the exchange of ideas.

Ultimately, the application of a community work table at your premises can be as broad or as narrow as you want it to be. The tables certainly offer a fresh approach to your corporate environment and are a key part of ensuring your work space design remains uncluttered and easily adaptable.

Your Premises

Non-permanent, open office workspace layouts can be applied to a range of organisations and premises.

At Premis Solutions, we have the experience to help you fitout your open office premises with a community work table or other customised workplace layout features.

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